Digital Division Announces the Launch of the Endocrine Society Annual Conference Web Site:

Mar 1, 2007

The Endocrine Society decided to have Digital Division build a "recyclable" Annual Conference Web site. Yearly, the areas of interest stayed the same for their Annual Conference (Abstracts, Conference Events, Registration, and more). Why, they wondered should they re-build the same site year after year, when all they really needed was a way to update the site to reflect that year's conference information. The only other change they needed to make yearly was the look, fresh colors to reflect that years annual conference color scheme, and a few graphics to highlight key events.

They wanted a Web site they could recycle. That is what Digital Division delivered.

Designed so that simple changes to a stylesheet, and one Flash banner would alter the entire look of the site, and programming done behind the scenes so content could be entered in by staff from year to year truly made the recyclable Web site of the Endocrine Society's dreams. Saving them time and money from this year's Annual Conference on out.

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